Candid with Bob

More than 70% of B2B buyers fully define their needs before engaging with a sales rep.

Today’s business-to-business ecosystem is one based on self-education. Today’s leads are doing more than reading email campaigns - they’re also taking a more active role in seeking out the answers they need to solve their own business problems.

What if you could intelligently secure awareness with that 70% as they’re at the beginning of their customer journey?

Tune in on Thursday, June 11th, and listen to industry leaders Bob Samuels and Bret Smith explore how to harness B2B display advertising to the power of ABM and make your brand top-of-mind when purchase time arrives.

Look Who’s Talking

Bob Samuels is the principal of TechConnectr, a B2B performance marketing advisory firm. Bob is known as a 'rain-maker' & sales-enabler in the B2B targeted marketing ecosystem - He works with agencies, enterprise marketers, publishers, channel partners, and predictive and data players.

As co-founder of NetLine Corporation, Bob led marketing optimization, partnerships, and client satisfaction. At QuinStreet/Ziff/ITBE, his team built an industry-leading partner network which exponentially increased capacity to fulfill challenging B2B lead gen programs & expectations.

At Ziff Davis / Salesify, Bob enabled new sales and relationships which were not thought possible.

He is respected in the B2B lead gen world for his analytics and for ‘playing well in the sandbox’ - developing synergistic relationships. Bob is known for his infectious enthusiasm, his CFO’s acumen, and analyst’s curiosity and skills.

Bob runs three San Francisco Bay area networking organizations: Strategic Business Solutions, Big Data Connection, and Big Data San-Francisco.

He believes the secret sauce is in the data (intelligence) and relationships.

Look Who’s Talking

With 30 years of marketing, sales and business development experience, Bret is widely known as a forward-thinking leader in Demand Generation, Content Marketing, and Behavior Data. He has presented in countless webinars, spoken at numerous tradeshows, contributed a plethora of articles and blog posts and been named a "Top 25 Marketing Influencer".

Bret's innovations like Closed-Loop Demand Generation, Historical Behavior, Campaigns for Early Demand and Contact Verification are differentiating hallmarks of HIPB2B’s business model. Over the years, he has served many high-profile clients including Google, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, CenturyLink and others.

Bret has also built quite a following in social media, with more than 31,000 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn, over 73,000+ Twitter followers and a moderated LinkedIn group, "Demand Generation and Content Marketing," with 8,000+ members.

More Information

If you prefer to stay on the path of-self education, you can download this guide, "B2B Display Advertising". Inside, you’ll learn more about Finding, Nurturing, and Harvesting for maximum results.